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This is the complete 21 Day Meditatation Challenge collection available to purchase, it works out at just £1 per day!  You will receive an email with a download. This contains all you need to access the Meditation for each day of the challenge. Enjoy! And thank you for your support at this difficult time.


Each meditation will be an online video which you will be given access to. You will require an appropriate device/browser/app to view it. You will also rquire appropriate broadband/internet connection. Please get in touch  if you are having trouble accessing any of the files and we will do our best to assist.



"For someone who has been meditating for around 12 years, it was a very pleasant surprise to rediscover connection and expansion during the 21 days meditation challenge. Also brought me lightness and joy with the practice. I can't recommend the challenge enough! L."

Complete 21 Day Meditation Challenge

  • You will need to be able to access PDF files on an internet enabled device.

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