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Spiritual Coaching with Jinny Gupta and Fr Fabrizio Pesce


Work with us 1:1

Spiritual coaching is about accompanying you in your own spiritual journey. 

It is about walking alongside you without neither judging nor directing you, without dominating or patronising you. More than observing, as spiritual coaches we are here to contemplate with admiration the mysterious revealing of your inner life. Nothing of what happens in your spiritual journey will be indifferent or alien to us. 

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At the St Peter’s Centre for Mindfulness and Spirituality we wish to offer spiritual coaching for those who have just initiated their practice of meditation or already have years of practice and feel the need for guidance. We offer ourselves as witnesses of your spiritual growth -whether you are a beginner or an advanced meditator- without feeling the need to make you grow faster and respecting the natural rhythm of your spiritual journey.   

Our 1:1 mindfulness and meditation programme is designed to help you be present, peaceful and purposeful, and support your current practice of meditation. 

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Spiritual Coaching is for you if

·       You are looking for guidance and wish to engage with experienced meditators.

·       You are ready to work and solve any issues holding you back from bringing your best self to everything you do.

·       You are ready to take action NOW and have the time, energy, and resources to do so.

·       You want to be present and focused with all of those around you, whether team or family.

·       You want to be intentional in your actions.

·       You want to lead from a place of inner peace, abundance, and confidence, without fear,

        a scarcity mindset, and self doubt.

·       You want to respond consciously and calmly to the challenges that come with life.

·       You are interested in aligning with your intuitive guidance to create and live from a place of authenticity and service.

·       You don't want to do this work alone and want to connect with a community of like-minded meditators.

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